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“What I learnt from Hong Kong Olympics Athletes” Essay Writing Competition Results

by Kenny Chan | Nov 26, 2021
28 Nov 2021

Hong Kong athletes performed exceedingly well in this year's Tokyo Olympics. 

Hong Kong News-Expo hosted an Essay Writing Competition based on the determination and sportsmanship of Hong Kong athletes and attracted more than 1600 Primary and Secondary school students to participate. 

The results of the competition are as follows. Winners will be contacted via telephone and email and invited to the award presentation in December 2021.  


Primary grade:Winner王梓謙 聖公會仁立小學
 First runner up林聖堯 靈糧堂秀德小學
 Second runner up朱梓銘 筲箕灣官立小學
 Merit謝錦濤 仁濟醫院蔡衍濤小學
 Merit伍慧恩 天神嘉諾撒學校


Lower secondary grade: Winner馮日希 保良局何蔭棠中學
 First runner up
曾詠賢 何明華會督銀禧中學
 Second runner up梁芷菁 保良局馬錦明中學
 Merit譚麗虹 中華基督教會全完中學
 Merit周希澄 英華女學校


Senior secondary grade: Winner沈佳琪 聖公會林裘謀中學
 First runner up
林敏儀 香島中學
 Second runner up譚子盈 迦密中學
 Merit阮銀瑩 保良局何蔭棠中學
 Merit官浚軒 東華三院甲寅年總理中學


The competition was sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club, ChinaChem Group, MTR and Tin Ka Ping Foundation.